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2nd Grade: Social Studies

2nd Grade: Science

3rd Grade: Social Studies

Ancient Greece & Rome:

  • Lost Roman Treasure  - view a slide show of these ancient Greek mosaics and the race to examine and recover archaeological artifacts before damming projects destroy them. From NOVA.
  • Mythology of the Constellations  - ancient Greek and Roman mythology associated with the major constellations.

Ancient Mali:

  • Mali: Ancient Crossroads of Africa: Explore the rich culture and history of Mali with these useful resources for your classroom. Find information, pictures, maps, lesson plans, and a video list.

4th Grade: Social Studies

The official Commonwealth of Virginia home page is your gateway to Virginia . . . from the mountains of southwest to the waterways of Hampton Roads, state government to Virginia facts and figures. Use the buttons to explore Virginia. This site contains many informational resources.

The Virginia Travel Corporation Web site contains an extensive list of places in Virginia. You can search for a site alphabetically, by time period, by location, and by other categories (such as historic buildings). In addition, you may search for historic sites by city. Contact information, hours of operation, and other details are provided for these historic sites. Click your way around Virginia.

The Virginia Museum of History and Culture founded in 1831 has provided visitors the opportunity to view, research, and learn about the ordinary and everyday artifacts of Virginia. These artifacts provide visitors with a comprehensive history of the Commonwealth. Online resources are also available.

This comprehensive Web site contains a wealth of information about Virginia geography, places, and people. Teachers will find this to be a helpful resource about many topics, from the rocks and ridges of Virginia to "Virginia and the Internet." The Web site was created to support the Geography of Virginia class taught each fall at George Mason University.

This site, developed by Tabb Elementary School in York County, has links to Web sites divided according to Colonial period, Civil War years, and miscellaneous.

The American Indian Resource Center is located in the Department of Anthropology at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

5th Grade: Science